Created by Professor H. L. Bray

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                Spreadsheet Election (You collect the votes.)

This web page computes the results of a preferential ballot election in 4 easy steps:
  1. Right click on SampleElection.xlsx and save it to your computer. Rename the file to the name of your election (without changing the .xlsx file type extension).

  2. Collect your votes in the downloaded sample spreadsheet using Microsoft Excel (or compatible software) by following the instructions within it.

  3. Click on "Browse," select your spreadsheet file, and then click on "Upload File."
  4. Save the spreadsheet on the next page containing the results of your election.

This web page uses the Ranked Pairs algorithm for determining the winner of a preferential ballot election, precisely as defined by Professor Bray in his book, “Democracy Defined: The Case for Preferential Ballot Elections". The merit of the Ranked Pairs algorithm is that it ranks the candidates in the order which gives priority to the greatest margins of victory in head-to-head matchups between pairs of the candidates. Ranked Pairs is the only major preferential ballot vote counting method that is Condorcet, clone invariant, monotone, and last place loser independent. Learn More